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FAA certified and insured aerial video and photography production company based in San Antonio, TX.


In the unlikely event that any one of these systems fails, our drone will still be able to land safely.


Our remote pilot’s average 100’s of hours of flight time and always conducts a preflight check of the small


We maintain the safest and most reliable operations with the greatest safety procedures in the industry.


All our drones have GPS, Battery and fail safes safety features.


Most of our projects are done and sent to the client within 48hrs.


Our videographer specialist insures the best possible footage is captured.


We love what we do! This is not just a job but also our passion.


Our love towards service, good ethics and drones will be reflected in our work!


The real estate market, especially here in San Antonio and Austin has never been more competitive. While brochures and open houses may have done the job in years past, sales effectiveness is now a top priority for real estate professionals. Home buyers are ignoring more traditional forms of marketing in favor of avenues that better fit their lifestyle – real estate advertising on smartphones, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media sites.

With our HD real estate drone photography, Digital Drone Vision gives private owners and real estate professionals a distinct advantage over the competition. In fact, real estate listings featuring HD drone photography of a home’s interior and exterior generate up to 35% more views than those with no aerial photography or video.  Showing the entire scope of the property is an essential element to any real estate listing, but aerial drone photography from Digital Drone Vision can also help your prospective buyers understand the beauty and advantages of a home’s location.


As lifelong entrepreneurs with degrees in marketing and business, we’re more than just a group of pilots and photographers. Digital Drone Vision specializes in meeting the needs of our business and commercial clients to help them accurately and attractively represent themselves to their customers.

Your business is unique, and our aerial photography services can help you stand out from the crowd even more. From “whole lot” fly-overs of your auto dealership, to “whole store” fly-throughs of your entire store, to “whole collection” still photos of all your incredible retail offerings, our aerial photography solutions can help you take your marketing to the next level.  We love working with our clients to innovate new ways to reach potential customers. A longer reach means more traffic, and more traffic means more revenue, and more revenue means, well – whatever you want it to mean!


Drones are increasingly utilized to provide topographical maps, scan large job sites, and create contour maps of terrain and structures with great accuracy.  Our drones enable construction professionals greater intelligence and site planning.

Drones have become an important tool for construction and land surveyors that want an accurate, digital image of a design concept. From large-scale residential projects to industrial complexes, drones are a low cost asset for developers who want to minimize risk while maximizing profits.  UAVs are well positioned to become critical tools for surveyors, construction companies, architects, and engineers alike. With Digital Drone Vision you can Improve the accuracy of site surveys, capture high altitude views, map site elevations, monitor terrain progress over time, assess drainage issues, Increase efficiencies during the construction process, market your project with panoramic images, and share your site’s progress with investors.


The modernization of agriculture, the demand for advanced farming devices has been growing significantly. Our drones highlight exactly which areas of crop need closer examination – meaning less time spent scouting, and more time treating the plants that need it.

The benefits of using a drone on the farm include greater ability to monitor crop health and identify potential problem areas of the field. Ag UAVs are primarily used for monitoring crop health as part of a broader shift toward precision agriculture.  Current offerings use UAVs that follow pre-programmed flight paths to develop aerial crop surveys, allowing farmers to identify developing risks and opportunities for yield improvements (e.g., disease, nutrient deficiency, targeted pest pressures, moisture deficits/surpluses).


Drone-Generated Thermal Maps are a Game Changer for Roof Inspections.    Automatically collect high resolution roof imagery and generate comprehensive roof reports 3x faster than traditional methods. Keep your team safely on the ground and your data in the cloud.  Drive productivity and customer happiness with 3x faster turnaround times.

At Digital Drone Vision we can provide aerial roof photos with clarity and detail. We can perform drone infrared scans of your San Antonio area roof with a larger overview than traditional infrared scanning cameras. Commercial flat roofs particularly benefit from this due to their vast size. Digital Drone Vision has the expertise and outstanding customer service that will ensures your San Antonio area Commercial Flat or Shingle Roof Inspection needs are met.


Drones and forensic photography are bringing about changes in the claims handling process: Insurers are among the early commercial adopters of drone usage.

Drones allow insurers to more quickly evaluate the magnitude of losses once they occur, but also provide a more cost-effective way to evaluate the condition of roofs on insured homes or buildings. In catastrophic events, insurers are able to more quickly evaluate loss exposure, and also to bring needed resources to bear quickly and with better knowledge of what is required.  Additionally, accident reconstruction using drones is an emerging science which allows clients to collect information very quickly from a new aerial perspective that nimble drone technology and drone services can provide.


Special events video and photography are a great way to make sure the memories you make will last a life time.

We offer a safe way to capture events and festivals from the air with dramatic crowd shots and powerful videos from a higher elevation. Perfect for outdoor and indoor arena events, concerts, sporting events, conferences, theme parks, and more. It’s never been easier to capture a unique look at your crowd’s experience.

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F.A.A licensed, aerial filming & photography specialists, using remote-controlled, multi-rotor UAVs (drones). We have never had a client who has not been totally satisfied with the level and quality of our service!

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