Frequently Asked Questions

Unless otherwise requested by our customers, we take each photo in JPEG and RAW format.

Each photo mission is unique. We may be familiar with your site and need very little information. Or we may need to get detailed location information from you. Please Contact Us directly to get started. We look forward to flying for you!
We offer several entry-level packages that include raw video files of the flight, dramatic photos and more. If you're looking for a custom service, please contact us for a quick and detailed quote.
If you select one of our aerial packages, you'll receive your raw files within 3 business days. If you select a custom quote, we'll discuss a turnaround timeframe before the project gets started.

Digital Drone Vision is based in San Antonio, Texas. We can quickly deploy an FAA certified pilot to any of the surrounding cities such as: Austin, New Braunfels, Helotes,  Boerne, and surrounding areas. We also love travel projects and are able to send a drone pilot throughout Texas!

Our fleet of drone aircraft are flown by experienced, FAA certified and licensed pilots. This ensures the highest level of safety on-site.
BSG’s 24-Hour Monitoring and Dispatch Center. Our professionally trained operators are always there to promptly respond to all of your alarm conditions.
The majority of our customers choose to pay nothing or a small amount in order to begin service. Similar to the cell phone industry, we invest a large amount in upfront costs to protect your home or business. Our contract ensures we are able to cover the cost of subsidizing a low or no money down installation.
The system is telling you that one of your zones is open. You might have movement in front of a motion detector or one of your doors / windows might not be completely closed. If your alarm recently went off then the system needs to be cleared and then it will be ready to arm.
There could be several reasons for the system not being able to communicate. Problems with your phone service, malfunction of the system, etc. Please contact us so that we can evaluate the problem for you.